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What are the types of leases that can be granted on State Land?
The types of state leases that can be granted on State land are; residential lease, business, agricultural, agricultural and pastoral, mission, special purpose and urban development lease.

How is State land for leasing identified?
State land for leasing is identified through the following actions;
- site inspection,
- we have records of all the land forfeited from leaseholders for non compliance of lease covenant, and
- extinguishments from successful grantee for failing to accept the terms and conditions of the granted lease by not paying the fees and charges stipulated on the Lease Grant Notice and returned Lease Acceptance Form..

How is the identified State land made available for leasing?
The identified state land is made available through advertisement in the National Gazette under the heading as Land Available for Leasing.

How do I apply for a the land advertised on tender as land available for leasing?
To apply for a land in response to the tender advertisement, you are required to observe the tender specifications and complete the prescribed Land Application or Tender Form, pay the specified application fee, attached receipt and lodge the application with our Land Allocation Section on the 2 nd Floor of Tower 2, Aopi Center, if you are in the Province you may either faxed the copy and send the original by post or fax the copy and lodge the original with our Provincial Province Lands Office to be sent to us.

The prescribed application form is printed with the explanatory notes on its back page for guide to applicants with fees and charges clearly stipulated which should help you to complete the form with not much problem.

Applications can be obtained from our Land Allocation Section in NCD, or the Provincial Lands Office.

How is my application considered and granted?
All applications are considered by the Land Board on the merits of each individual application and a recommendations is made to Minister for grant of the lease to the applicant so recommended.

If my application is considered successful, how much do I pay to obtain the State Lease Title?
When the Minister grants you the lease after receiving a report from the Land Board and your name published in the National Gazette under heading Successful Applicant, the Lease Co-ordinator within Lease Administration Section will serve a Lease Grant Notice informing you of how much you will be required to pay.
Your State Lease Title will be prepared upon payment of the specified fees and returned of the signed Lease Acceptance Form by you.

How do I appeal if my application is considered unsuccessful?
To appeal on the Land Boards recommendation or recommended applicant, you are required to submit a written letter or submission detailing the grounds of your appeal addressed to the Minister or his delegate the Secretary. Pay K500.00 appeal fee, attached the receipt and lodge the appeal within 28 th days from the date of notification of letter sent to you informing you of the Boards recommendation.

How is the appeal heard?
The appeal is heard by the Head of State, acting on advice after having received the Minister's report on the appeal the Head of State may reject the appeal and endorse the recommendation of the Board or uphold the appeal and refer the application back for re-hearing by the Land Board.

The Head of State's decision is final.

Where do I make my payment for Land application, lease preparation, tender price and other charges payable to the Department of Lands?
Here in the National Capital District, make all your payment at our Cash Officer located on the 4 th Floor of Tower2, Aopi Center Building and if you are in the Provinces make payment through the Provincial BMS Office and send us the receipt of payment.