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Acts & Regulations

The administering of government land and the processes of allocation, documentation of ownership and administration of the state leases are set out in the Land Act 1996. It also provides the legal frame work by which the Minister on behalf of the State may acquire customary land for public purposes, reservation, wildlife and conservation, economic and resource development, business and private purposes.The Land Administration Division plays a very important role in ensuring documentation of the ownership status on state land is done in accordance with the legal requirements set out in the Land Act and other related Acts.The Division administers the following Acts and Regulations and other related Acts and Regulations by observing the legal framework set out in those pieces of legislations;

Land Act 1996 Land Regulation 1999
Land groups Incorporation Act 1974 Land Groups Incorporation Regulation 1974
Land Dispute Settlement Act Chapter 45  
National Land Relation Act  
Land Tenure Conversion (Freeholds Act)  
Survey Act Chapter 95  
Physical Planning Act Chapter  
Valuation Act Chapter