About Us

The Department of Lands and Physical Planning (DLPP) lies within the portfolio of the Minister,
Hon. Justin Tkatchenko who is the current member for Moresby South. The Department is headed by the acting Secretary, Mr. Oswald Tolopa.
The DLPP administers all alienated land (State and Freehold) in PNG and also facilitate customary land (land under the ownership of the original inhabitants of PNG) issues at the discretion of the customary landowners, for social and economic sustainability in an endeavor to provide better living for all citizens of PNG.
This Department has a strong customer focus and we provide these whole range of services through responsible and well co-ordinated land management strategies for you. Services within DLPP include Surveying, Physical Planning, Valuation, Incorporated Land Group, Customary Land and general land and leases information, Land Title registration and Mapping requirement for all land within PNG.

Our Vision is:

Land is utilized to improve quality of life for all citizens of PNG.

Our Mission is:

Promote the best use of land in PNG in the interests of all citizens, individually and collectively, by ensuring that an orderly process exists or land to be made available for sustainable economic and social development and that land rights are guaranteed.
In working towards the achievement of its vision and mission, the Department engages with Local, Provincial and the National Governments, major local and offshore investors, key stakeholders and the public at large.

In addtion, to our usual business, the following priority programs are considered to be of particular significance to the Department for the next two years:
- Structural Reform of the DL&PP
- Land Reform
- Preparation of Provincial Development Plans
- Information Systems, Communications and Technology

The Department now comprises of 13 Divisions and has 3 Regional Offices in Lae, Goroka and Kokopo.
We are open Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.00pm.

You can find us at:

Eda Tano Haus
Waigani Drive