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Alienated Land

The Division's corporate goals and objectives is to ensure efficient management of the State Land Leases with probity. Ensure that state land is identified and made available to stakeholders through lease arrangements as and when required for approval purposes.It also ensures effective and efficient management of the State Land to ensure compliance as required under all alnd related legislation. The Land Administration Division provides the following services:

Land Allocation

2. Land Administration

  • Lease Preparation
  • Conveyancing
  • Lease Compliance
  • Revenue Administration

We provide advice of State Land Leasehold issues for Governments, Private Organisations and the General public.The Division faciliates the process for equitable allocation of land by the Land Board and ensures that State Land is made available when required for approved purposes by controlling squattering and unauthorised settlements.We administer State Leases and ensure that lease covenants and conditions are observed.The division is also empowered to ensure effective and efficient Administration of Control and Permitted dealings, Subdivisions, Urban Development Lease and Consolidation of State Leases.