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Valuer General

The constitution (Chapter 1) Section 21 provides the subject to any Constitutional Law all pre-Independence laws are adopted as Acts of Parliament.

The Valuation Act is an Act of Parliament
The administration of the Valuation Act & Regulation is vested in the Minister for Lands & Physical Planning at the date of its preparation for inclusion, except for Section 13 of the Act. The administration of which was vested in the Minister for Public Service.
The present administration may be ascertained by reference to the most recent Determination of Titles and Responsibilities of Ministers made under Section 148(1) of the Constitution.
The Office of the Valuer General is established under the Valuation Act of Parliament and derives its functions and responsibilities from the Valuation Act & Regulation and associated Acts as;

  • Land Act 1996
  • Physical Planning Act 1992
  • Survey Act 1969