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Valuer General

The Office of the Valuer General forms a division within the Department of Lands and Physical Planning. The functions of the office are defined in part, by the Valuation Act which establishes the Valuer General as a statutory position, with responsibility of administering:

  • the Registration of Valuers throughout Papua New Guinea
  • the Valuers Registration Board
  • regulations of practice of valuing
  • maintenance of standards of valuing and valuation of properties for local government rating purposes

To provide an effective and impartial valuation service and to conductquality rating and taxing valuations for the Departmen of Lands and Physical Planning and specific stakeholders throughout the assessment of current unimproved values and ensure there is consistency and integrity across all valuation in the Declared Valuation Areas.

Statutory Valuation

  • Rating & Taxing Valuation
    Information is available on Rating & Taxing Valuation
  • Objections & Appeal against Rating & Taxing Valuation
    Objection & appeals under Subdivision D of Part IV of Valuation Act
  • Valuation for Valuation Rolls
    Valuation rolls is prepared by the Valuer General on a declaration of a Valuation Area

Property Valuations

  • Property Valuations
    Are implemented under two sub programs being Government Valuation & Private Valuation through the Valuation Co-ordination Unit.

Property Information

  • Property Information
    Under the Valuation Act (Chapter 327) all property sales, subdivisions, consolidations of leases etc are to be notified to the Valuer General within 24 days after a person or a company becomes or ceases to be an owner.