The Governance and Compliance Unit (G&CU) is directly under supervision of the Office of the Department of Lands and Physical Planning (DLPP) Secretary.

Purpose and Role:
The purpose and the role of the G&CU is to ensure that the DLPP is in compliance with all legislative regulations and procedures, the existing Acts of Parliament the DLPP implements, and it is accountable, transparent and maintains the highest standard of probity, integrity and ethical conduct.

Audit Universe and Responsibilities:

The G&CU is tasked with the responsibility of liasing with the Auditor General's Office (AGO) on all internal and external audit matters, the Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) on all audited issues arising from the annual Auditor General's Report to Parliament, the Ombudsman Commission (OC) on all public complaints received by the Commission relating to land issues and referred to the department (DLPP) for further investigation and the furnishing of the relevant requested documents.
The G&CU also carry out:

Activities Schedule
Financial Audits of the department every three months/quarter of the financial year
Policy and procedure review every quarter
Management Audit every end of the month
Assets Audit every six months/half yearly
Conduct ethics training every quarter

- And follow ups in compliance with the recommendations of the audits reports, carry out investigations on fraud, misappropriation and corrupt land dealings.
- Ensures all disciplinary matters are in compliance with the Public Services (Management) Act 1995, the Public Finance (Management) Act 1986 (as amended), the General Orders, Financial Regulations, Acts of Parliament that are implemented by DLPP, all other relevant government legislations and procedures and other legitimate government directives.
- Monitors the effectiveness of the internal control mechanisms that are in place in the department to eliminate breaches of existing policies, guidelines, procedures, laws, regulations, contracts etc.
- Assesses the reliability and integrity of the Internal Control Systems employed by the department.

- Checks the reliability and credibility of all complaints and allegations lodged with the department for investigation, and ensures and monitors the effectiveness of the disciplinary actions being taken whether they are in conformity with period requirements stipulated in the General Orders, the Public Services (Management) Act and all other government regulations that are employed in the Public Service.