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Customary Land Leases

Customary Land Registration Division was established based on         NLDP recommendation to the National Government. Department of Lands and Physical Planning accommodated this recommendation in its restructure by creating four (4) divisions. Customary Land Registration Division is one (1) of the four divisions.
The purpose of establishing this division was to assist Land owners by identifying guidelines for them to access development on their Customary Land while the title remains with them in perpetuity.
The Customary Land Registration Divisions has two (2) units/section, they are the Customary Land Leases Southern and Islands Region unit and Momase and Highlands region units.
Each of these units ensure all sanctioned customary leases either through lease/lease back processes or the customary leases processes in all regions (Southern, Islands, Momase and Highlands) facilitated by DL&PP are done within the ambits of law and within the framework of the Government policies.

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