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1. What Type of Maps are available in the Central Plan Office?
Survey plans
Town maps
Milinch maps
Fourmil map

2. Do you provide practical field surveys?
Yes but for the purposes of quality assurance and evaluating standards and compliance.

3. What kind of surveys do you register?
The Surveyor General registers survey of Customary Land and Urban Land

4. Can you provide Property description?
To find proper legal land descriptions please visit our office counter.

5. Do you transform AGD 66 to PNG 94?
Yes, contact the Geodetic Section for more information.

6. How do I know the exact boundaries of my land?
For all parcel of land that is surveyed, a registered plan containing the dimensions(bearing,distances and areas) is maintained in the Central Plan Office of the Surveyor General. These information is readily available over our service counter or by telephone.
For the Regions, depending on the locality of the survey the information is aslo available over our service counter in Mt. Hagen/Goroka/Kokopo and Lae.
Purchase documents(NLD's, DA's and UAL's) will be made available over the service counter only uopn the production of a valid court order.

For Physical identification of your land boundaries and corner marks, consultations should be made through one of the many Private Survey Firms. The Survey of Customary Land is voluntary and optional to the landowners. The surveys are undertaken by private consulting surveyors.

7. Where can I get hold of information relating to the transfer of customary land to the State ( Alienated)?
The office keeps all the records of the transfer of customary land to state owned. To enquire for any kind of information you will need to fill in a form provided here(link to form) and send/fax/email it to the Secretary for his approval for your particular search. A small fee is required once the completed form is brought into our office.

8. How do I know whether a survey company is registered?
A survey company is registered and gazetted annually on approval by the PNG Surveyors Board. A list is available for your easy access.