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Title Search

The Office of the Registrar of Titles maintains all of the land title registries for Papua New Guinea and can be accessed either over the counter at the office and/ or through telephone or facsimile.  This ensures the best possible service to our clients by making innovative delivery solutions available to meet the needs of different client group, such as individuals, the conveyancing community, solicitors/lawyers, real estate agents, bankers and others involved in business activities that involve land and property information.
Title search is most commonly made for conveyancing purposes. It provides a copy of the folio of the register on a computer-generated statement which shows:

  • the description of the land (Allotment/Portion, Section/Milinch and Town/Fourmil information);
  • name/s of current owner;
  • the legal arrangement of holding (eg. as joint tenants or tenants in common);
  • any encumbrances or caveats that apply to the land; and
  • notes about any unregistered dealings etc, awaiting registration on the title and/or previous dealings registered.

Certificate of Title Search
This indicates the current status and location of a particular title that is, the stage in the conveyancing process and the place it is being held – either with Lands, the customer’s bank or the lawyer.
How to do a Search        

When doing title search, provide either the title reference (Volume number/Folio number) which can be obtained from the owner’s copy of the title. If the reference is unknown, some searches can be initiated using the property description that is, allotment/portion number, section/milinch and town/fourmil or the proprietor/owners name.  

Search fee is K50 per file and payment options can be either cash or bank cheque paid at the cash office, Ground Floor, Eda Tano Haus.