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State Lease

Registration (New State Lease)
State Leases are leases registered and issued over State or Government Land. The Office of the Registrar of Titles keeps State Lease Registers for all four regions of the country which includes Southern, Highlands, Northern and Islands.
All new leases/titles of the respective regions are entered in these registers and registered accordingly. All the new leases are referred to the Office of the Registrar of Titles in duplicate for registration from the Leases and Conveyancing Section of the Land Management Division after being granted by the Land Board. Go to Leases Section for more information.
Before a new lease is registered and an owner’s copy of the title issued, the following requirements must be fulfilled;

  • Land Description typed correctly
  • The purpose of the lease is verified and correct Provision of the Act is shown
  • Survey details are shown
  • Valuation certificate is attached
  • Copies of Land Board Minutes, Gazettal correct and Improvement Covenants are shown
  • Copies of executed Land Grant (LG) and Land Allocation Form (LAF) are attached and copies of relevant fees paid with receipts attached
  • Certificate of Incorporation to be provided if the lessee is a company
The new lease to be registered has to be signed and dated by a Delegate of the Minister