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Freehold Title Registration

Freehold registration is the registering of freehold land into titles known as the Certificate of Title. All documents pertaining the registering of this title are to be provided by the Land Titles Commission which is under the Department of Justice and Attorney General. An application including survey plans must first be made to the Land Titles Commission for deliberation. After this, a Conversion Order (C.O) is granted to the applicant. This office will then register and issue a Certificate of Title in favour of the applicant based on the Conversion Order.  
The Land Titles Commission is located at Allotment 8 Section 451, Hohola along Cameron road Gordons.
 Enquiries can be made with the Registrar on Telephone 301 2938 or write to;

The Registrar
Land Titles Commission
P.O Box 591
Waigani, N.C.D
Papua New Guinea