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Forms & Fees

Description of FEES/CHARGES FEES as of 01/01/2015
Contribution to assurance fund on transmission by will or intestacy 0.5% of value of the estate or interest with a minimum of K 100.00
For Preparation of any instrument of title or copy of an instrument of title by the Registrar K 500.00
On the production of any instrument by virture of seeking the making to become registered as a proprietor of an estate or interest in land K 200.00
On the production of an instrument or application seeking the making of an entry in a register evidencing the extinguishment of an estate or interest in land. K 200.00
Cancellation/Withdrawal of Entries on Title K 200.00
For making of an entry in a folio of a register for each folio after the first K 100.00
On re-examination of a document that a previous was not in the opinion of the Register in registrable form or was not then registrable, except where the Registrar in his discretion, waives the fee in whole or in part K 100.00
For rmaking of a photographic reproduction of a document in the custody of the Registrar K 50.00
For certification by the Registrar of a copy of a document in the custody of the Registrar K 50.00
Court Order: For a search of a folio or document. K 100.00
Journal Search Fees. On the presentation of a subpoena to produce documents K 100.00
Miscellaneous Fees. Upon production for registration or deposit of any document or plana fee for the production of which is not otherwise provided. K 200.00
For any application, matter, act or thing required or authorised to be made or done to or by the Registrar for which a fee is not specified. K 200.00
For a search of the Journal of Transactions K 100.00