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Forms & Fees

The revised Physical Planning Regulation 2003 has increased planning fees by 80 percent.
Fees to be charged for applications for Planning Permission, for Appeals and for Certificates.

(1) Applicants shall pay fees for applications for planning permission whether these Applications are determined by a Board or otherwise certified under the Act, and the fees shall be calculated by adding together the various applicable fees as follows:

Services Fees
(a). All Basic Application Fees K 100.00
(b) Application of Sub-Division or consolidation of land K 300.00
(However, 20 allotments and over to be paid maximum of K 5,000.00)
(c) Application of Planning Permission for Development in Redevelopment Zone  
(i) One Residential Unit K 100.00
(ii) Each additional Residential Unit K 100.00
(iii) Each square metre in Commercial Building K 10.00
(iv) An industrial Building exceeding 1000 square metre or part thereof K 300.00
(d) Certificate of Deemed Permission K 100.00
(e). Application for non-Conforming Use K 1,000.00
(f). Unauthorized development fee or penalty K 10,000.00
(g). Fees or penalties for obstruction by lease holders from an authorized entry into properties K 5,000.00
(h) Application for involving Zoning of land K 500.00
(i) Fee for Certificate of Conforming use under Section 72(1)(a) or Section 72(2)(a) Section 72(3)(a) of the Physical Planning Act 1989 K 100.00
(j) Physical Planning Tribunal Appeals K 5,000.00

(a) Notwithstanding (1) above the maximum fee for an application for planning permission is K5000.00.
(b) A Physical Planning Board may apply to the Minister for discretionary approval of a variation in the Basic Fee 1(a) as set out in this Schedule.
The Physical Planning form no. 10 is provided for access by developers and applicants who need to seek planning permission. Other forms are being kept at Physical Planning Offices and would be administered by Development assessment coordinators alone.