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Policy and Legal Services

The Policy and Legal Services Division is a recently created division which was once known as Policy Division. Under the 2008 restructure, the Division now comprises of three units, namely, Legal Services Unit, Policy Analysis Unit and Special Projects Unit. Its roles and responsibilities are clearly defined as per the DLPP's Corporate Plan 2008-2012. There has and is becoming an increasing demand for clear policy directions and legislative framework to strengthen and improve the service delivery mechanisms that are in place.

The division has recently equipped itself with appropriate support especially on the human resource that has been previously lacking. The division has recruited about seven new staff members. Legal Services Unit comprising five new lawyers, whereby four of them have already resumed duties with one yet to join the team who will be filling the position of Manager Legal. The Policy Analysis Unit currently has three policy officers and the Project Management Unit comprises of the Project Manager and two project officers.

The Policy Division ensures that a corporate policy environment for DLPP and its stakeholders which encourages consistent and legitimate corporate decision making and complies with relevant PNG Legislation and National Government policy.

•  Ensure that the Department has a clear understanding of stakeholder requirements and current issues pertaining to land and physical planning.
•  Ensure that a sound policy and legislative framework is properly implemented.
•  Empower Provinical Governments to manage their land by the devolution of Physical Planning, land administration and land information
•  Ensure the DLPP is provided with sound legal advice
•  To co-ordinate all the policies, plans and projects within the department to ensure that they are consistent with the Corporate and goals.
•  To co-ordinate Government funded projects within the Department.