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National Mapping Bureau

The National Mapping Bureau is responsible for providing mapping products and services in Papua New Guinea .
The Bureau has three main functions within the Department of Lands and Physical Planning and these are:
1. Standard Mapping

2. Map Revision (refered to as Remote Sensing)

  • Map Revision
  • Aerial Photography & Satellite Imagery

3. Map Sales

The Bureau sells a wide range of paper products, and provides other mapping services to land information industry. It also provides new products for Planning and Management purposes at Provincial and District levels. This is a new product derived from 1: 250 000 Topographic Base Map and it includes the 1998 and 2000 GPS data (villages, schools, aidposts, airstrips, roads and bridges) and Administration Boundaries in the form of (a) Provincial Map (A0) and larger paper - 19 provinces. (b) District Maps (A1 and A0) - 89 Districts of PNG. Below is a list of what the Bureau offers to the public: 

Hard Copy Products
Standard Topographic Maps PNG General Reference map ONC (Operational Nautical Charts) and TPC (Tactical Pilot Charts)
Photo Mosaic Maps Aerial Photography Satellite Imagery
Specialised Technical Services
Photo mosaicing Satellite Imagery Registration and Interpretation Business Cards
Lithographic Services including printing Guillotining Laminating Services to A0 size paper
Digital Map Products (on CD of Floppy Diskette)
- Topographic map series Scale 1: 250 000 - Topographic map series Scale 1: 250 000 - Topographic map series Scale 1: 250 000

NMB's purpose is to provide an accurate and reliable Geographic Information Service (GIS) to Government agencies and other stakeholders by producing a range of high quality standard maps and related products from reliable data at affordable prices.
As the main source of land information for Papua New Guinea (PNG), we are responsible for maintaining a digital topographic database, which shows the physical and surface features of the landscape.
We also produce a comprehensive range of hardcopy and digital map products including topographic, and other special purposes maps. NMB also provides a customised mapping service that tailors spatial information to meet your specific needs.
NMB provides aerial photography as photographic prints and enlargements, scanned air photos and orthorectified imagery. Aerial photographs are also used for special purposes such as mapping natural disasters and other emergency events.
The photographs are used by government, business and the community in a wide variety of applications including:
•  emergency services
•  farm and land management
•  environmental monitoring
•  mineral exploration
•  civil engineering projects
• site and feature identif ication and
This detailed topographic information captured by the photograph is also turned into digital datasets and mapping products available from NMB. 
For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.