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Land Information Services

The Land Information Division was established after the 2005 Land Summit with its main objective or purpose: “To ensure that information pertaining to Alienated Land and Customary Land are readily available, comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date and is used effectively to facilitate the provision of sound land services nationwide”.
The Land Information Services Division is responsible for the operational services within the Department of Lands & Physical Planning in terms of ensuring DLPP Staff and Stakeholders have access to Land Information, maintain consultation and access to Land Information through friendly customer services, maintain and manage DLPP records and information and maintaining strategic planning and management of corporate relationships.
The division has four main branches which are:

  1. Customer Services
    The customer services office is the first point of contact between the department and its clients. It is solely responsible of maintaining and upholding a one-stop customer service for the department thus ensuring that all client requests and queries are effectively and efficiently resolved in a timely manner and that all information disseminated is of high standard.

    Customer Service Counter operating hours:
    We are open from 9:00am to 3:00pm every Mondays to Friday.

  2. Records Management
    The Records Management section is responsible of maintaining and managing all the department’s records and information files.
  3. Business Improvement
    The Business Improvement branch is responsible for managing and monitoring of the department’s Corporate Plan, maintaining public awareness of emerging land issues and legislative changes. It conducts research activities through planning, development and implementing of research strategies thus ensuring DLPP’s objectives are consistent with that of Government Policy which should be achieved.

    4. Information System Communication & Technology
    This section of the division plays a very vital role in the field of IT, enhancing and furbishing the department with the latest IT equipment, software applications  at this technology age.

    Generally, it oversees all IT operations within the department thus ensuring that all these IT services are administered effectively and efficiently.