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Incorporated Land Group

Incorporated Land Group (ILG) Division is under the Customary Land Services within the Department of Lands and Physical Planning. The core function of the division is to register customary landowning units, giving them legal recognition under the ILG Act. The Act empowers customary groups for greater participation in the national economy.

In March 2009, following recommendations on Land Reform on customary land tenure system, Land Groups Incorporation (Amendment) Act, 2009 was passed as a step towards the Land Reform.

The new laws became operational in 1st March 2012; the Division has now changed and aligned its operations in line with the new legislation.
The amended law aims to;

  • Formalize and tighten up the ILG incorporation process for greater transparency and accountability.
  • To Link a citizen warm bodied person to a person named through a formal statutory instrument which is by obtaining a formal birth certificate under the Civil Registration Act.
  • Restrict multiple membership to ILGs, multiple membership is prohibited. Every person should be a member to only one clan, tribe or other such landowning unit.
  • To link actual customary land to the ILG by requiring full and complete standardized sketch map to be provided by the ILG.
  • Inject greater transparency and accountability into the ILG Management Committee by way of imposing strong Code of Conduct and criminal sanctions.
  • Submit reform Returns to the ILG annually.