DLPP Complaints Desk

Background of Complaint Desk

The Department of Lands and Physical Planning has been label as the most corrupt Government Department in Papua New Guinea. However, despite the horrid image, the Department has continuously undertaking incremental changes to regain public confidents in the land dealings arena. The structural administrative reform has begun when the land submit was put to it in 2006.
As part of the Department’s continuous reform, the Department  under the leadership of Lands Minister, Hon. Benny Allan and  the Secretary, Romilly Kila Pat has came up with the complaint desk initiative to encounter and address the issues of corrupt land dealings which has embedded within the land administration processes. 
The first incremental step was undertaken on the 27th of March 2013, when the Minister for Lands and Physical Planning launched the complaints box at the Aopi Centre, thereafter the Department has intercepted and continue by establishing the Complaints Desk.                                     

What is a complaints desk?

It is an established desk or an office within the Department that caters to assist and receive complaints from members of the public. This desk or office receives complaints against the Department’s staff regarding the land administration dealings. Complaints are then registered by the complaint’s desk officer and have them ready to be passed on to an established screening committee that does further investigations and make recommendations for departmental head’s endorsement.

Why was the complaints desk established?

The purpose of establishing the desk was to deal with corrupt practices within the department. There have been several allegations against the department staff regarding fraudulent land dealings, bribery etc. thus, in order to minimise such bad actions the complaints desk was established to receive complaints as well as providing assistance to the general public.  

What are the main functions of the complaints desk?

The main functions of the complaints desk are;

  • Receive complaints against department officers from members of the public
  • Assist members of the public by providing information concerning the department
  • Provide direction to members of the public upon request
  • Register complaints and respond to complainants by replying with acknowledgement letters
  • Organise complaints and have them ready to be sent to the screening committee for screening
  • Write to the complainant and advice them of their complaint result or outcome

Who is eligible to lodge the complaint?

There is no restriction in lodging complaints against any departmental staff; anyone can lodge their complaint as long as he/she is a stakeholder to the department. However, as much as possible the complaint should be related to work administered by the responsible officer within the department. Also, the complaint should be genuine in nature.

What happens after a complaint is being lodged?

The complaint goes through several processes before a final outcome is announced to the complainant. Once complaint is lodged the complaint desk officer receives it and register into its data base. After a required number of complaints are being received the complaints officer advices the executive officer to do a pre-screening to make sure everything is in order before it is brought before the screening committee.

An internal investigation is carried out by a committee known as complaints desk screening committee. The committee then makes a final recommendation to the departmental head for endorsement. Finally, the outcome is announced to the complainant.            

Complaint Processing Steps

  • Complaint by complainant lodged through fax, email, letter or note or hand delivery through the complaint desk counter   and registered by complaint officer.
  • The registered complaint is assess and process to ensure to weigh the nature of the complaint.
  • If it’s a general administrative matter such as general enquiries, needs further information and/or matters that the relevant divisional managers can quickly resolve the matter and inform the complainants or can be dealt with by the customer service staffs.
  • In the event where the complaint is serious in nature the complaint desk committee will refer to  respective Directors to deal with the matter
  • However, if the complaints are not resolve by the respective Directors within the given period of time the Complaints  Desk Committee will make recommendations and refer the particular complaint to Secretary
  • The Secretary will give the final direction either to deal with by a specific Director or to refer matter to lawful authority such as police or other law enforcement authority.
  • The option ofNo further actions “is made available for instances  surrounding cases that;
    • The department has instituted action in relation to the case
    • The case is before the courts
    • Relevant authorities include Royal PNG Constabulary, Fraud Directorate, TIPNG, etc

Should you have any complaints against the Department?
Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Complaints Desk Staff on
P.O.Box 5665, BOROKO
National Capital
Phone: 77588957
Email: dlppcomplaints@gmail.com