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Customary Land Projects

The Customary Impact Projects Division was approved for establishment in 2007 out of the need by the Government and the Department of Physical Planning to address critical land issues and faciliate the lanc componet of National Impact Projects sanctioned by the Government. The Division was purposely established not necessarily to duplicate tasks of other Divisions of the department but to ease the backlog of work from them and faciliate the accessing of land and other related tasks by maintaining close consultations with relevant parties or stakeholders to the sanctioned projects in mineral resources developement, infrastructure projects, agriculture, forestry, etc.... The division plays an important and crucial role in;

  • Assisting in the general administration and management of alienated land pertinent to Governement sanctioned projects.
  • Faciliate and encourage Customary Land Development required for the establishment and development of Governement sanctioned projects.
  • Faciliated through DLPP, the Governement's land alienation process by acquiring or accessing customary land and availing them for impact projects development of national significance.
This Division was established because of the new realignment when the Department of Lands & Physical Planning was restructured in a new detailed Corporate Plan 2008-2012 which also resulted in the simultaneous increase in the Key Result Areas in the revised consecutive Annual Work Plans and has been in operation since then.