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Corporate Services

Corporate Services Division has three main functions within the Department of Lands & Physical Planning, these are:

  • Human Resource Management,
  • Finance & Revenu Management,
  • Assets (physical resource) Management

In fulfilling these three functions, Corporate Services is guided by the DL&PP Corporate Plan 2008 - 2012 and the following vision, mission, purpose and values statement.

Our Purpose
To support the operations of the DL&PP through the efficient and effective management of its human, financial, physical and information resources

Our Values 

All members share a philosophy and deeply held beliefs that are embraced in the following core Values, which we will sustain and follow at all times to guide our day to day actions. They are: Human Respect, Customer Service, Fairness and Equity, Integrity and Ethics, Accountability, Transparency, Leadership, Innovation and Adaptability.

Corporate Objective 

To provide sound management of corporate services (including financial, human, physical asset and information resources) to enable the Department to operate effectively and efficiently.

Our Location 

Corporate Services Division is located on Level 2, Eda Tano Haus, Waigani Drive , WAIGANI, National Capital District.
The Corporate Services Division is also represented in each of the Department's 3 'local offices' in Goroka, Lae and Kokopo.

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