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Land Allocation

The Land Allocation Section within the Land Administration Division is responsible for making state land for approved purposes available for leasing and receive all applications for state leases and leases. We also process annual licences for feasibility studies, temporary occupation especially for road construction works and extraction of gravel.We also process application for other Government Departments, Statutory Bodies and Provincial Administrations by setting aside state land for their use through Reservations.

How is land for Leasing identified?

  • Vacant government land is identified through site inspection and reports from Lands Oficers in the respective Province where the land is located. When land is identified we co-ordinate with the Physical Planning Division, Offices of Surveyor and Valuer Generals and ensure all planning, surveying and valuation requirements are met.
  • We have records of land which the state had forfeited from the leaseholders for non comliance of the lease covenants.
  • We also maintain records of land that had been extinguished from the grantee by the State

How is the identified land made available for leasing?
The land is made available through tender advertisement published in the National Gazette under the heading Land Available for Leasing.

Applications for State Leases.
The following are the types of applications that we process for lease of State land through to Land Board for consideration.

  • Business leases are in two categories and there are, Business Commercial and Business Industrial.
  • Residential leases (high, medium and low covenant).
  • Agricultural, Pastoral, Mission and Special Purpose Leases.
  • Urban Development Leases.

Application for leases over state land are process for maximum term of 99 years, except for Urban Development Lease for a maximum duration of 5 years.

Other applications.
We also process the following applications through to Land Board;

  • Renewal of State Leases.
  • Subdivision and or Consolidation of State Leases
  • Variation and Relaxation of Lease Terms and Conditions.
  • Conditional surrender and re-grant of state leases.
  • Rent Reduction

Except for the subdivision and consolidation all applications are required to be made on this prescribed land application or tender form. There are detailed notes on the back page to guide you to complete the form. All the fees and charges to the various applications is stated on the form.

Applications under NEC Approved Rent Reduction
We are currently processing rent reduction applications for all First Home Owners under a special NEC Decision No. 1/96. This application is processed and approved by the Departmental Head and does not require Land Board consideration. To apply, you are required to filled in our prescribed lease rental application form and pay an application fee of K50.00. On the back page of the application form are notes to guide you for lodgement and also take note of the qualifications the application must met. To check whether you are qualified to apply under the NEC Decision and or wish to apply, you can print the pdf.form online or call in person and collect the form from our Land Allocation Officers in Headquarters or see Lands Officer in our Provincial Lands Offices.

Application for Licence.
All applications for licences has to be made in a letter form detailing the purpose of the licence and addressed to the Minister or his Delegate the Secretary for screening and approvals. No licence fee is to be paid until the approvals for processing is granted by the Minister or his Delegate. The Land Allocation Officers will advise you to pay the annual licence fee of K360.00 upon the approval of you request by the Minister or his Delegate. Your annual icence will be processed and issued upon payment of the fee and receipt provided.The conditions of the licence are set by the Minister or his delegated based the merits of the application. For further information contact the Land Allocation Section or call and see us.